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Fuel additives from biomass by combined microbial and electro chemical conversion

Production of drop-in fuels from biomass at high selectivity by combined microbial and electrochemical conversion†   Carolin Urban,a   Jiajie Xu,b   Heike Sträuber,  a   Tatiane R. dos Santos Dantas,a   Jana Mühlenberg,c   Claus Härtig,a   Largus T. Angenent  bd  and  Falk Harnisch  *a    Author affiliations Abstract Renewable electrical energy production, such as wind power or photovoltaics, faces temporal fluctuations and spatial separation of source and sink creating the need […]

A perspective on oxygenated species in the refinery integration of pyrolysis oil – Green Chemistry (RSC Publishing)

Pyrolysis offers a rapid and efficient means to depolymerize lignocellulosic biomass, resulting in gas, liquid, and solid products with varying yields and compositions depending on the process conditions. With respect to manufacture of “drop-in” liquid transportation fuels from biomass, a potential benefit from pyrolysis arises from the production of a liquid or vapor that could […]

(35) Esgoto como fonte de recursos – YouTube

E se olharmos o esgoto como fonte de nutrientes, energia, e possivelmente de água limpa? Uma exploração de potenciais e técnicas aplicáveis em pequena escala. more ESPAÇO ALMAGESTUM Esgoto como fonte de recursos Fluxus Design Ecológico 4.15K subscribe E se olharmos o esgoto como fonte de nutrientes, energia, e possivelmente de água limpa? Uma exploração […]

g1 globo play globo horta caseira – Google Search

Fonte: g1 globo play globo horta caseira – Google Search  Globo Rural | Como começar uma horta caseira | Globoplay globoplay.globo.com › … – Translate this page ▶ 0:25 Jul 7, 2019 Publicação dá dicas para iniciar o cultivo. NE Rural – Ceará | Aprenda a cultivar em casa … – Globoplay globoplay.globo.com › … – Translate this […]

Farming Project Reports

Farming Project Reports   Farming Fertilizer Business Subsidy, Scheme, License, Permission Introduction to fertilizer business subsidy, permission, license : Fertilizers especially organic fertilizer which mainly includes manures and compost without any chemicals, are making the most importance not only in the agriculture but also in general use where you get the final fruit without any […]

Reappropriating urban space through community gardens in Brazil

  The entrance gate of Horta das Corujas, the first community garden in São Paulo, is never locked and allows access 24 hours a day to any citizen A day of collective work in the community garden Horta das Corujas Zoom Original (jpeg, 1.9M) ©Gustavo Nagib The birth of Horta das Corujas 10Eventually, the question of whether the group […]